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Athlete of the month: Marc Went 

Whether it’s the Great North Run, 3 Peaks Challenge or London Marathon, Marc Went likes to set himself a goal to keep him motivated and focused in his training. Originally a runner, Marc fell into triathlon through a friend and now has his eyes set eagerly on completing a full distance triathlon in 2018.

“I kind of fell into triathlon to be honest” he says. “Not being a strong swimmer the thought daunted me, so I headed off to the local swimming pool for some lessons and two weeks later did my first sprint”. Whilst he admits “it wasn’t Rio”, he was bitten by the bug and joined Challenge Tri Camp’s Coaching Clinic to improve his swim technique.

Here he tells Challenge Tri Camp how he is planning to train and stay focused over the next year and a half on the build up to his full distance event in 2018. 

What does your training regime look like? How do you fit this around family & work?

“I’m lucky in that I work from home so can normally fit runs etc around work and don’t have to contend with a commute. Having 2 daughters, weekends are precious, so during the marathon training (Marc completed the London Marathon in 2016) I found a liking for early morning starts and running in the darkness of the morning and evenings. I also own a turbo trainer which helps too!”

“My wife is also a keen cyclist/runner and oddly the bug must be contagious, as she got a Tri suit for Christmas! She is doing her first triathlon this year and your coaching clinic was a boost to her training & motivation.”

Although training alone can be an enjoyable escape, the motivation and dedication required to meet the training needs of a full distance event can be gruelling, and Marc is considering joining a club; “Its probable that I’ll join a club this year as I’d love to open water swim & train with those who have been there, done it, and who I can learn from”.

Clubs are a great way to learn from others and gain support as you train and everyone at Challenge Tri Camp wish Marc the best of luck in his training.

If you’d like to learn more about the right ways to train for triathlon, get a bespoke plan or the lure of our warm weather training camps is calling, check out Challenge Tri Camp Race Tours, Training Camps, and Coaching packages, or get in touch at and one of our coaches will be happy to assist you, whatever your question.

Proud To Be The Official European Partner Of The Challenge Family



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