Another great weekend of action

Another great weekend of action, home and away…

Amazing weekend for Challenge TriCamp with 3 coached athletes at Ironman Hamburg and all finishing strong. The two girls Sarah and Judith completing their 1st Ironman event, what a great achievement. We have enjoyed the journey with them and in our next blog will be getting the girls to tell us more about their experience so look out for that if your thinking about joining the long distance club!
6 time finisher and long time friend of TriCamp Dave also finished with a strong performance with lots more to come when we get his numbers sorted…won’t be long til he’s in double figures for events! 
Luke who raced Outlaw full in Nottingham has been working with us since we did a swimming lesson back in November with him (he knocked 25 seconds off his 100 metre time during the first swimming session with us) and has been improving across all three sports ever since. Unfortunately for all racing at Outlaw the bike got cancelled due to flooding but he mentally refocused, did the swim and marathon and will be back to tick that box we are sure! Well done.
At the Euro champs in Russia we had Kerstin showing her quality with a silver medal and Jon putting that GBR vest on for the first time and getting in the top 20. Great performances in those age group tri suits. Finally Andrey who joined us on camp this year wore his Challenge TriCamp tee shirt with pride at London Triathlon and with a 6 minute personal best as-well!
Superb results and achievements and still another 6-8 weeks left of the season! Watch this space, more big races coming up. 

Want to chat to us or find out more about our campscoaching and race team, get in touch we are always happy to talk triathlon!!

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