We are a race team made up of mixed ability athletes with a collective passion for triathlon and wanting to share race and training experiences while feeling part of a team environment.  As the team has grown, although we are referred to as a race team we like to think of ourselves as more than this, we are a family – the Challenge Tri Camp Family.  

No matter what level, we appreciate racing is nerve racking and serious but also understand it’s about having fun and enjoying the experience – after all that is why we all do it.  The idea of being able to do this together and have a sense of belonging and a community feel at not just races but online as well is what we are all about.  

With athletes training and racing all over the UK and even Europe we offer an identity that you can belong to.  So whether you’re on a sociable bike ride in the countryside, at a local race or an international event, you’re sure to see the distinctive Challenge Tri Camp race kit in most places and have someone to chat with.  

The team is friendly with a no big ego’s. Everyone is welcome and no matter what your ability no one gets left behind.  We are all in it to gain motivation, friendships and enjoy our sport with like minded people.  Why not come and join us and be part this.


Eight years as a training camp company has brought us in touch with hundreds of triathletes of all levels and we noticed a common theme.  People were doing this sport alone and with lots of our guests not in clubs, or in them but with little assistance for progression or sense of belonging.  

We were getting guests at the same race but not realising they were until they spotted the same Challenge Tri Camp t-shirts they were wearing!  By creating the team we managed to change all that.  Now athletes can tell each other where they are racing, get tips on venues, hotels etc and even car share, arrange events to meet up at and support each other.

By setting the team up we created a team feeling for what is an individual sport, with a network of support encouraging enjoyment and athlete development with all the Challenge Tri Camp staff and coaches all being part of it.  With years of finding our feet in terms of bringing everyone together, what kit people like and what the athlete is looking for, we now feel we offer you something special to be part of.


Joining our team not only gives you access to the experience and expertise of our coaching team but you’ll also benefit from the support, advice and insight offered by the Challenge Tri Camp Family – all of those lovely people who race under the Challenge Tri Camp Team who regularly chat on our social media pages about races to meet at and training sessions they are doing, and their experiences along the way.

As well as being a part of our growing team of athletes, you’ll also benefit from our team only training day or a free coaching plan for one month, see each other at races and get first dibs on our clinics and early access to our training camps as well as either a tri suit or cycling jersey and shorts, and a transition rucksack that we know you’ll love.
The cost is a one off charge for new members of £195. This is easily covered by the amount of kit and additional benefits you receive. There is simply no better value option available to you.


Our team is made up of a wide range of ages, experiences, abilities and triathlon aims and goals.  Every team member has chosen to be part of our family to be in team that supports and encourages them as well as each other.
Our team profiles will be coming very soon – already a member,  why not send your picture and bio to us so we can add you to our growing profile athletes, we will also add your picture to our gallery, if you are not a member we would love to hear from you. 


Treading the triathlon path isn’t an easy road to follow.  For a start, there are three disciplines to get your head around, there are so many different kinds of races, so many different distances and so many levels to compete at.  It can be a confusing journey even for the most experienced athletes and so at Challenge Tri Camp we have created the Challenge Tri Camp (CTC) Pathway, a completely individual and personal journey to help get you from your A to B!
Who’s it for?
Through our training camps, clinics and coached members, we have worked with hundreds of athletes at every stage of their triathlon journey.  We know that every athlete has something to give, something to prove and more to strive for, that’s why the CTC Pathway was created; for you.
The Challenge Tri Camp Pathway supports your journey, wherever you are on it.  Perhaps you’re just starting out, perhaps you’ve qualified for a age group race and want to podium or maybe you’re moving up a distance; whatever it is, the Challenge Tri Camp Pathway is there to support you and those ambitious next steps.  And better still you won’t be doing it alone, as part of our pathway you can join our race team and learn from our full coaching team as well as other team members.

To find out more about this and to discuss with one of our coaches where and how you will fit onto the pathway contact us here.


Want to chat to us in more detail about joining our team then contact us or fill in the form below and we will be in touch to get more information from you and to join you up and make you an official member.  Interested in knowing more about our pathway then chat with a coach here.

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