Coaching Plan CP#1


  • Introductory call from one of our coaching team
  • Consultation to ascertain your goals and key information
  • Set up: you will be registered with Challenge Tri Camp Coaching and assigned a Basic Training Peaks account
  • Training:  Monthly rolling prescribed training block
  • Feedback: is provided monthly via email and with a monthly telephone call

£190 per month



A training plan that is bespoke for you using the data we collect from our consultation.  We then set you up on one of our Training Peaks accounts so you have your whole plan at the touch of a button.  We make sure you understand the plan, what you need to do to get the most out of it and how our methodology and structured sessions will take you forward to the next level in performance.  Once you’re all set up all you have to do is follow the plan and report back to us monthly for a review with a coach. We will establish your training zones.

Perfect for those triathletes that want a structure to their training and confident they are doing the right training without the need for close coach/athlete contact.

We spend time with an Introductory call from one of our coaching team to establish and consult to ascertain your goals and key information.

You will be set up and registered with Challenge Tri Camp Coaching. We will provide you with a coaching pack and provide you with a basic Training Peaks account, allowing you to see more analysis and adjust sessions yourself.

Your monthly prescribed training block will be input and available on Training Peaks for you to view and use as a training guide and make notes on, record your sessions and track your progress.

Coach feedback is provided via a monthly email as well as a monthly telephone call to talk about your training peaks activity.  Advice and guidance on the specific sessions and type of training you should be completing in the coming training phase will be given to you verbally on the phone and then confirmed via your Training Peaks account.

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