Coaching Plan CP#3


  • £300 a month – includes a full day session for full testing, zone set-up and analysis, normal price £300
  • Your unlimited package – bespoke plan with coach access, monitoring and daily analysis. Full athlete profile including nutrition information.
  • Introductory detailed planning call and full day coaching session for athlete testing, zone set up, analysis and goal setting, normal price £250.
  • Set up: Personal set up with coach, Premium Training Peaks account, coaching pack and team membership.
  • TrainingFully bespoke training plan with daily adjustment and analysis as needed and agreed with you and the coach. Quarterly swim and run analysis.
  • Feedback is provided as requested, with coach contact as and when needed. Call and email access not limited. 

£300 a month



This process is more detailed in terms of understanding the athlete and delving deeper into your physiology as well as nutritional habits, psychology and long and short term outcome goals.  We begin with a more detailed consultation to ascertain information to develop your athlete profile.  This profile is then used throughout the plan to track your key matrix’s on performance, recovery and progression.

Regular testing protocol’s gives us information on current fitness levels which are used and explained to you in a variety of ways.  Our goal is to make you, the athlete, more aware of your own training needs and to learn more about yourself and how each training session is benefiting your progress and why – you become an active part in the training process.  To maximise this, regular coach athlete contact is important and this plan involves weekly phone discussion and twice weekly feedback and updates delivered to your personalised Training Peaks account on our most advanced delivery method.  Training zones are established to enable training to target specific attributes along with periodic re-calibration of your ‘zones’.

Perfect for those triathletes who want to work closely with a coach to develop a coaching plan with their involvement which shows how and where they are improving. Includes full nutritional and strength and conditioning packages which are incorporated into the overall plan and add an extra element to athlete progression.

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