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Cycle Performance Testing

£125 Cycle Faster!

For all levels of athletes that already have or are setting new performance goals.  Gain information that can be used to both optimise training and enhance this performance. Getting your training intensities and zones correct and working on the right things at the right time of your training routines means you aren’t wasting precious training time, overtraining or risking injury. In short the tests data helps you maximise your training in the time that you have available.  Pedal technique and action of the foot, hips and upper body is also covered. Time – Approx 90 mins with coach


A fully scientific test allowing you to know the vital numbers you need to train with which will help you realise your full potential.  From Heart rate and power(wattage) training zones and thresholds to VO2 (maximum oxygen uptake) information and maximum heart rate.  Let us test you using our testing protocols with a coach by your side setting up the tests, next to you monitoring you during and then explaining the numbers and results afterwards.  With the data you come away with, you can start training smarter and in the knowledge that what you are doing on the bike will not be wasted time (junk training) and each session will have a purpose and benefit.  The tests allow us to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and we explain how these impact on your performance. Your report would give training advice based on your test results, taking into account the training you currently do, your goals, and the time you have available to train. 
The main physiological variables that impact on performance will vary depending on your current physiological status and what you are training for, so getting your training right for your specific event is key – these tests allow this.

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Cycle Performance Testing


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