Cycling Skills Lesson

£125 Cycle Safer!
A coach will teach you techniques to make you a more confident and assertive cyclist, developing not only handling skills for all terrains but also explain how the bike works and what you need to do in certain cycling situations which involve other cyclists, vehicles and hazards.  For all levels with sessions designed and delivered differently for those just starting out with new cycling gear to those who want to gain an extra edge with better handling skills and technique. Leave with practice notes and instructions to go away and improve and enjoy your cycling. Approx 75 mins with coach


A coach will sit down with you initially to discuss your aims and get an understanding of the level you are at so the session can be tailored to your individual needs, so no matter what you know already these sessions are designed to improve your cycling skills.  There is no pressure and the skill development is done at your own speed and ability.  One thing we have learnt from working with all abilities is that cycling comes more naturally to some that others and that each cyclist learns and discovers things about them and there bike at different rates.  We are all still learning with bike technology always changing and ask any pro cyclist and they’ll tell you they make the odd gear changing mistake or snap a valve when fixing a puncture!

These sessions are about developing and improving road riding confidence, from learning correct balance, control and braking techniques, to getting started with clip on pedals (cleats), turning, cornering, descending and ascending skills. 
We also cover learning how to ride safely on the road, covering road positioning, dealing with traffic and how to react to hazards and road surfaces.

For those confident with bike skills but wanting to gain more knowledge of road riding we coach you in how to ride in a group, what hand signals mean and when and how to use them, how to save energy on the bike, gear selection plus much more including if needed simple bike maintanance, puncture repairing and what to use your bike tools for.
Depending on experience and level of development we use a range locations from safe off road car parks to challenging climbs, road junctions and traffic situations.

Please note these are one to one sessions however if want to do as a pair or small group and are of similar ability this is possible – please contact us.
A bike in working order is essential for these sessions.

Cycling Skills Lesson



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