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Half a Day With a Coach

£180 Learn Quicker!
Cover the aspects of triathlon you want to improve with a half day specific to you and your training needs.  Work with the coach to improve your weaknesses and assess your strengths.  Tell the coach what you require or let them assess your current levels and what they believe is the most effective use of having your own coach for half a day. Swim, bike, run, transition, nutrition, strength, session planning, periodisation and race planning…. get the assistance you need and leave a better, more knowledgeable athlete. Time – Approx 3-4 hours with coach


Discuss with us beforehand what you want to achieve with the coach and we can set the sessions up for you so you get the most from your time.  Cover one, two or a range of triathlon aspects over a short period of time and give yourself a boost and new viewpoint on your training.  The time is yours and gives you the opportunity to learn and benefit from their expertise.  In a half day we would look to cover some of the following – seeing you swim, watching you run, how your transition skills are, what position you ride in and how your body responds to external stresses to test strength of legs and core.  On the less practical side of things but also very important we have options to discuss training schedules and how you structure workouts.  Only a short amount, but very effective use of time which is intense, can be tiring both physically and mentally but a great learning experience.  You leave with a full report from the coach covering all the tips and hints they have given you.  Want to do this with a friend, no problem just contact us.

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Half Day With a Coach

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