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Run Analysis

£90 Run Faster!

Develop a more efficient running technique with our coaches looking to minimise your injury risk and improve performance.  Full video analysis enabling us to identify and coach the necessary changes needed.  A review of your posture, gait and footwear are also performed with a run technique/drills program to take away. Time – 75-90mins with coach


Running is not something many of us think about, we just do it as we did when we were growing up and don’t give it a second thought!  Having a coach look at your running style (we all run differently), your leg turnover, how you make contact with the ground, what impact your style has on other muscles and joints and what body position you use are all factors that will be discussed and analysed with you.  Being filmed from all angles we get you to do a set of run efforts that showcase how you run and then analyse, make recommendations and then re film to work on the elements that would benefit from improvement.  The correct run technique can make you run more efficiently so saving energy, staying injury free and make you a faster runner.  Running drills are taught in these sessions with detailed hands on coaching to ensure you understand thema nd perform them correctly.  Once mastered a complete run technique and drills program to take away with you is provided which we discuss how to implement into your routines.

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Run Analysis

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