Womens Cycling Shorts

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Womens cycling shorts

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Shorts – Endurance – Womens

Innovative and functional

Theses are a high performance womens endurance short. its new cut makes it even more ergonomic and its fabric THERMOREC includes a pierced inner layer, for a maximum isolation. It’s sewed with FLATLOCK flat sewing. It’s also finished with a smooth and comfortable microsiliconated Laser Pro band for a better adjustment.

Ideal for all levels of cyclist.

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Handmade in Spain

Fabrics SUPERGLOSSY 250 / STRIPED / SILKY Pad  K6 Elastic Band SilkTape 35mm siliconated
Sewing Flat lock/ Flat / Zig-Zag Compression Medium Use Range 17ºC to 35ºC

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