Strength & Conditioning Programme

£95 Stronger For Longer!

Covering all areas of conditioning training, from improving specific aspects such as strength and power, speed, agility and general conditioning, as well as working to enhance athletes’ robustness and reduce injury risk.  The detailed plans include routines to work on weaknesses as well as strengths and can be implemented into your current training habits.  We have experience of conditioning work with a wide range of athletes from beginner to elite across single and multisport activities with our aim to make you a more balanced athlete.  By being with a coach to learn your plan correct technique will be shown and reinforced. Time – Approx 60 mins with coach


We are not talking about body building here, nor being the in gym 5 times a week at the detriment to your swim, bike and run training. You also might think that strength work is not for you as you do so much within the three sports that you don’t need it.  Strength and conditioning work is vital – what and how much depends on many factors such as current training routines, time available, body type, muscle imbalances, injuries, posture and so on.  We factor all these elements into a strength plan you for.  The plan includes routines to work on weaknesses as well as strengths and is implemented into your current triathlon routines.  You will become a more balanced, more injury proof triathlete from a strength and conditioning program.

We are used to designing plans for a wide variety of situations from fully equipped gyms to front rooms and garden sheds!  We can plan separate sessions for you to do or implement strength elements into/at the start/end of regular triathlon sessions.  It’s all specific to you. Correct technique is homed into you with detailed notes via email afterwards to reinforce key teaching points  Prehab/Rehab and Core strength are all included along with overall body strength and flexibility testing.

Strength & Conditioning Programme


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