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Swim Analysis

£120 Swim Better!
Have a coach film and record you swim from multiple angles, analyse your stroke and provide you with drills to intergrate improvements.  With real time feedback and you being able to see yourself, mistakes can be identified, corrected and reinforced with an experienced coach. 
Time – Approx 90 minutes with coach


Being able to see how you swim is an eye opener, but being able to see it, be told what to correct and then be filmed and see it again is something else.  You think you were doing it right but were you?!  This session allows you to see this over and over again and top this off with a swim coach by your side talking you through each video clip and getting you in and out the water to review and then re correct means you gain valuable knowledge of what to do but also how it should feel and look.  The coaches’ job is to highlight your stroke weaknesses and give you an understanding through visual, verbal and kinaesthetic learning of how the water should ‘feel’.

Our coaches do hundreds of these video sessions each year and know exactly what to look for and how to film to show you what to correct and how to correct it.  Leave with recommendations to work on and a film to take away and watch over and review!


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Swim Analysis


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